2021-09-13 13:25
Ville Svärd

Silence is an underused and underappreciated aspect of collaboration. more

2020-11-16 10:34
Sara Wänerskär

PyCon SE was held online this year. I do not think I am the only one missing the buzz and energy of a physical conference, but a two-day online event gives plenty of inspiration too! more

2020-10-23 09:38
Mimmi Olofsson
Sara Wänerskär

The Funnel tech organisation is known for having a strong agile mindset. Rather than trying to release code in big chunks, they break down problems into small chunks and make small, but frequent, releases. more

2020-07-02 06:00
Fredrik Rubensson
Sara Wänerskär

Amongst other employee lead initiatives here at Funnel, there is a developer book club. We recently discussed Team Topologies. Here are some thoughts on it. more

2020-05-25 09:30
Sara Wänerskär

Speaking at Agila Sverige was so much fun. I learnt a lot about our organisation, the event was well organised with supportive organisers. It was also a nice way of getting to know colleagues and understand the challenges in their daily work. more

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