2021-12-01 07:25

Meetups at Funnel

Fredrik Rubensson

It is important to belong and to have that sense of community. We aim for that in our day to day work at Funnel. But it is also nice and important to extend the sense of belonging to the community of developers in Stockholm. This is one of the reasons we love to host technical meetup groups.

Already today we have PyLadies visiting doing a mob programming workshop. This is something we do a lot at Funnel and it is nice to see our developers spreading the light for this practice. Find the event site here and sign up if you think it is something for you.

Upcoming is Func Prog Sweden that has its eleventh incarnation in our office. It will be one of those hybrid events so you can also attend remotely from your sofa if you prefer that. Check out the talks at the event site and come and meet us in real life on Tuesday the 7th.

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